Great Chronicle

After years of planning the company, in January 2010 to install large-scale jet in the production base hangs, freezing industry in China is first. Now installed two. The device can be used in irrigation, spraying and fertilizing, irrigation, pesticide residues in raw materials is also more conducive to control and trace.
In 2012, Inner Mongolia K-Green Foods Co,.Ltd was established. It’s located in Changsheng industrial park, Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia. Main items includes IQF & BQF Spinach, Bell Peppers, Potato products and Green peas etc. Meanwhile, we grow fresh organic vegetable and fruits to supply high-end consumers in Beijing.
In 2013, we became AFFI Membership company.
In 2013, we set up Beijing branch company, located in CBD area of Beijing, Wanda Plaza, Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang District. 
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