Pool Fence Installation Tips

A quality pool fence installation is critical to both safety and appearance.

The basics:
Installation requires drilling a pattern of small, 1 1/4" (32 mm) holes in the patio at 3' (91.44 cm) intervals. diamond core drilling equipment for clean, precise drilling of your patio surface.

Pool Fence Installation

Planning considerations include:
How far from the edge of the pool on each side you wish to place the fence.
Where you want fence openings and whether manual or self closing gates.
Design contours of the fence.

  • Layout:
    Measure and mark each pool fence post location on your patio to assure precision.
  • Drilling:
    Now that the fence post locations are marked, we will core drill exactly on those marks. We use a stand mounted, wet drilling core drill to drill precise holes in the cement. These core drills use a hollow, diamond tipped core bit that drills the hole.
  • Sleeves:
    Once the holes are drilled, our polyvinyl sleeves are inserted into the holes. These sleeves are designed to provide an exact fit of the fence post into the holes.
  • Fence installation:
    Now that the sleeves are in we will set the fence sections into the patio holes. You will notice the fence looks a little loose at this stage. After all of the pool fence sections are in we will add the point lock section latches to each pool fence section and latch the sections together. This will add the tension that will pull the mesh taut and provide the beautifully straight and taut appearance Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is famous for.
  • Gate installation:
    Last we will install the gate. This will complete the pool fence installation. Then inspect all sections to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Finish:
    Your pool fence installation is now complete! you will enjoy the safety and peace of mind knowing that your child is protected.

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