Removable Pool Fence Protects Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Installing a removable mesh pool fencing system to provide a barrier around swimming pools for babies, toddlers and young children.

What are the advantages of a removable pool fence?

  1. Removable mesh pool fences create a barrier between your house and your swimming pool, while still allowing a clear view of your pool.
  2. Unlike most forms of permanent fences, our mesh pool fence is climb-resistant.
  3. This type of fence can be easily removed in minutes and rolled and stored during occasions when a swimming pool barrier is not desired.
  4. Accessing the pool for maintenance is easier with pool fences compared to other types of pool safety barriers.
  5. Frequent swimmers appreciate the convenient and quick adult access allowed by a swimming pool fence as opposed to other types of barriers that are more time consuming and must be replaced after each pool use.
  6. Our pool nets are removable, you can easily take it off and put it back on again when you need.
  7. Removable pool fence can be installed into any ground surface and any shape.
Removable Pool Fence

There are numerous options to consider when choosing a removable pool fence. Such as rectangular posts, round terminating posts, and self-closing pool gates, which make our removable pool fence uniquely customizable.

A removable pool fence is typically available in 48 inch and 60 inch heights. Most pool owners choose the 48 inch height, however, there are many areas where agencies such as daycare, adoption, building departments, etc. require a removable pool fence to be 60 inches tall.

Our removable pool fences are available in three different heights: 4 foot, 4 1/2 foot and 5 foot. Our 4-foot and 4-foot-high barriers come with pole spacings of either 30 inches or 36 inches. The 5-foot-high barriers are only available with 30-inch pole spacing.

Removable pool fences are offered in several colors including black, brown, green, and tan. Darker colors absorb light while lighter colors reflect light, therefore, we strongly recommend a black, brown or green pool safety fence rather than tan. The color of your removable pool fence will affect its transparency.

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